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Hi There,

At first thank you for your carrier services. It was certainly a treat not having to wait around as has happened in the past with other well known companies. Thank you so much for your prompt professional service. It was a pleasure dealing with you and we were impressed with the kind of services you provide.


Okay, you are ready to move. Where do you start?

Call us and we will send a move coordinator to your house to provide you with a free estimate. The move coordinator would take a survey of your possessions and the details of your destination. Depending on the move size an estimate would be prepared on the number of men, vans, packaging, material and insurance required. The move coordinator will also provide you with any additional information that will be required during the relocation process.

Once your receive your estimate, you may inform the move coordinator to plan your move. The move coordinator would then provide you with the schedule necessary for packaging to the final destination.

At Aggarwal Packways, we employ the highest quality packing standards coupled with the best available packaging material. Dedicated, trained crew is used throughout the packing & loading process. We use a broad range of fresh materials, in this process, which are selected based on the individual requirements of the transferee's household effects. Several cartons are packed on a room-by-room basis. Items belonging to different rooms are not mixed in one box. To prevent small items from being lost or mistakenly thrown out with the packing paper, we wrap and place them in separate boxes. Only clean newsprint paper is used to wrap items. We use clean cartons designed for moving. On the top and front of each carton, we write a general description of the contents and indicate the room from which it came (or which it will go into in your new home).

Aggarwal Packways, always provides a full itemization of a customer's belongings. As we load the van, our supervisor will note the condition of each of your items. Your approval is necessary to make sure his description is accurate. If you disagree with any appraisal, please mark it down on your Inventory List. Once you sign on it, we're on our way to your new destination. Your management of this checklist keeps us accountable and saves you money in the long run.

As the crew begins to unload at your new residence, you should check off the items on your copy of the Inventory List as they are carried in. You should record any noticeable damage. Once you have completed your inventory check, our crew will unpack your goods. All possessions are unpacked and are moved in on a room-by-room basis. Breakables are unpacked over the box thereby reducing its chance of breakage. Our crew will assemble any furniture that has been packed in semi-knocked down condition. All the packing material will be taken away thereby making your new destination comfortable for you.

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